Methylation is a very important biochemical process that occurs in the body. Methylation involves the use of B vitamins, and other important nutrients in the body to recycle DNA on a minute to minute basis in our bodies.  

The process of methylation is essential for:

  • gene regulation ( turning genes “on” or “off”)
  • myelination of nerves ( what allows nerves to function/ transmit signals properly)
  • binding and moving hormones through the body to their proper places for use
    energy production 
  • glutathione production, which helps with detoxification in the body/ liver of estrogens, and other compounds ( toxins, and free radicals).
  • inflammation control

What is needed for methylation to take place in the body:

  • b vitamins (folate (B9), being very important, as well as B12, both in methylated forms
  • SAMe 
  • choline
  • betaine

There are many foods that support healthy methylation, such as fish, eggs, milk, meat, leafy greens, beans, fruit, and whole grains. HOWEVER, sometimes these foods are not absorbed well, if there is a genetic problem with methylation, meaning there is deceased function in how a person methylates.

Lifestyle habits that decrease methylation function include:

  • drinking caffeine
  • drinking alcohol
  • smoking (anything, cigarettes and marijuana/ drugs)
  • using ant-acid medication, or over the counter solutions such as TUMS
  • diets too high in animal protein, sugar, and saturated fats

If methylation becomes dysfunctional over a long period of time, DNA damage can occur, inflammation can increase, and disease processes can set in.

This can increase the risk of:

  • breast cancer/ female cancers, and prostate cancer in men
  • estrogen dominant related conditions: endometriosis, adenomyosis for women, BPH ( enlarged prostate, and unwanted hair growth on the back with men)
  • nerve related conditions: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease
  • post-partum depression and anxiety, and just anxiety and depression, or mood changes/ disorders in general

*** fatigue is a common symptom of many diseases/ conditions… but should be an alert that methylation is likely not working optimally, if there is fatigue on a daily basis***

There are different tests to check in on the body, and see how well it is methylating. A great one is the DUTCH test
because it looks at all of your hormone levels, as well as your methylation pathway, to see how well it is functioning.

The ORGANIC ACIDS test, is also a great test, to look at methylation function, as well as your bodies metabolism in several other categories.

A DNA test can show you if you are predisposed to poor methylation, due to your GENETICS.

Methylation is a process in the body, that needs to be working well, for us to feel well, both mentally and physically. Make sure you check into this and get tested, if you do not feel that you are at optimal energy levels, and brain function in your everyday life! There are ways to correct for this, but the first step is to know what you are dealing with!

For further information on how to assist with improving your bodies overall health status, and to discover the root causes of your greatest health concerns, please contact me.  I am more than happy to have a FREE 45 MINUTE CONSULT with you, to discuss if working with me to optimize your health is the right fit for you!  (link to gethealthie app for a short zoom call, or link to questions section of my website, if they prefer a phone consult)

*** It is also important to note that the lab tests recommended here are done through a practitioner, skilled in interpretation of these tests… they cannot be ordered on your own, online.***

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