Have you been feeling like you just don’t have the motivation to carry out your daily life tasks?  Are there recreational or social activities that you normally enjoy doing, but lately, you haven’t felt motivated to do them?  If so, you’re probably wondering why you are feeling this way and why this is happening to you.  Low motivation or sometimes even depression can be common for women.  If you’ve had children, this can happen immediately after you’ve delivered and can persist sometimes for a few months or even up to several years.  Likewise, women can also experience this when they are approaching menopause.

What’s Causing My Low Motivation & Depression?

There are some common reasons for low motivation and depression.  One reason is due to hormonal changes that happen in a woman’s body. Hormone fluctuations, as well as a decline in hormone levels, can actually lead women to feel more depressed and less motivated.  If hormone levels are low, it’s important to think about what could be causing this.  Since hormones are synthesized or metabolized through the gut, perhaps there is an issue with the gut function that needs to be addressed.  When hormones are not broken down in appropriate pathways within your gut, your overall levels within the body are affected.

The most common reason for this actually is inflammation.  Inflammation can come into our bodies for several different reasons.  If left untreated and not managed properly, it can put us at risk for several different conditions and diseases.  Additionally, it can be highly responsible for developing depression at different points in your life as a female.  Often, one of the primary areas that inflammation comes from is from the types of foods that you’re eating.  Consuming foods that are more processed and packaged instead of fresh, whole foods, can increase inflammation levels gradually over time.

As well, stress levels can affect the amount of inflammation when your body secretes the stress management hormone, cortisol.  If cortisol levels stay high for long periods of time it can cause inflammation.  It will also affect hormone production in the gut as well as how well our hormones are utilized.  So you can see it is really important to be thinking about the amount of stress in your life and how well you are managing it.  If stress is not managed properly inflammation can occur in the gut.  This will cause the two neurotransmitters in our brain (serotonin and dopamine) that allow us to feel good, emotionally well, happy and even help us sleep to be affected.

Future Outlook

Looking down the road, lack of motivation and depression can have a great impact on your daily life.  You might find that your performance at work is suffering.  Maybe your relationship with your family or partner is not what it once was.  And, you could even find that you are no longer able to exercise or maintain your physical health.  Fast forward 5 or 10 years, if left unresolved, you might be more prone to certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

To learn more take a look at my full video on Low Motivation & Depression:

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