Female hormonal imbalances can happen and if you are dealing with this you’ve most likely tried to get your hormones back in balance.  Are you one of the many women still searching for answers?

Common Symptoms

When your hormones are out of balance you can have a variety of symptoms.  You may experience mood or emotional changes at certain times in your cycle where you feel anxious or depressed.  Some women have more physical symptoms with cramping, bloating or physical pain at different points in the cycle.

All of these symptoms either individually or combined can definitely create issues in your life. Many women do not feel their best when they are dealing with hormonal issues.  They might have trouble focusing at work and/or with their relationships at home with their partner or children.  Many of my patients tell me they can feel things happening and changing in their body, but feel like they have no control over it.  They feel like their hormones have taken over.  These women are all looking for a solution so they can feel normal again.

My Approach To Treatment

When I work with my patients, I begin by explaining that it really is important to figure out where the symptoms are coming from.  Sometimes with hormonal symptoms, it isn’t just about hormones.  Often there are other systems in the body that are out of balance, which may have been out of balance for some time that has actually led to these hormonal symptoms.

So what system or systems could be out of balance in your body?  It depends.  It’s different for everyone.  For this reason, it’s really important that you work with someone who’s able to take a very detailed history and understand you as a person.  In doing this you can figure out where these imbalances may have started in the first place and how to treat it now and over the long term.

Even though the symptom or the diagnosis is often hormonal imbalance, you don’t necessarily need to treat a hormonal imbalance with hormones.  This is somewhat of a myth.  Therefore, it is really important to discover why your hormones are out of balance and not necessarily just treat it with one of the more common treatments.  The reality is, if you don’t get these hormonal imbalances back into balance, you possibly could be at risk for other chronic conditions developing either soon or later in life.  If you go through menopause being out of balance, not only will you be very symptomatic, but often you will be at higher risk for things like heart disease or potentially certain female cancers.

Let’s Work Together To Balance Your Hormones

Maybe you’ve already tried balancing your hormones, maybe it’s worked for you for a while and maybe it hasn’t worked long term.  Perhaps it’s actually not your hormonal system that’s out of balance.  If you want to learn more about this and dig deeper to figure out where your symptoms are truly coming from, please feel free to contact me.  I’m happy to have a free 45-minute consult to talk to you about this or any other health issue that you feel has been plaguing you for quite some time.  Let’s work together to get your hormones in optimal balance.

To learn more check out my full video on Hormonal Imbalances:

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