If you have low energy, you probably are noticing that several aspects of your life are being affected. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Perhaps you have another health condition or imbalance that is causing your low energy.  If you have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or something else that is related specifically to energy levels it is important to figure out where it is coming from.  It can be several different systems in the body that are out of balance.

A Client with Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy

You don’t have to live a life limited by low energy.  Let me share a story of a client I worked with who had chronic fatigue. She was diagnosed in her mid-twenties.  She had been experiencing chronic low energy since having a viral illness she never felt she fully recovered from. Several different practitioners told her she needed to manage her condition by adjusting her lifestyle accordingly.

This wasn’t good enough for her. She felt like she had lost so many things and even had trouble maintaining her employment due to this condition. She had to take very short contract work that didn’t require very many hours because she wasn’t able to work a full day.  Additionally, she wasn’t able to participate in social activities that she used to do.  This affected her relationships with her friends. She wanted to get married and have children, but it was difficult for her to have a relationship with a partner because she just didn’t have the energy to get out of the house. This caused her to feel depressed and she started to lose interest in many things.

My Approach to Treatment

By the time my client came to see me she was about 10 years into her condition and was determined to find answers. She wanted to get her life back and achieve the goals that she had for her life. Having felt like she has lost too many years of her life, we got to work right away. I took a very detailed history and looked at all of the potential triggers in her lifespan – basically her entire history from birth to present. We figured out that there were several triggers to her health symptoms.  It wasn’t just one thing that caused her to feel as she did. Several systems in her body were extremely out of balance that needed rebalancing before she could gain her energy back.

While some things were related to genetics, there were others that she was unaware of that needed to be addressed.  I guided and supported her with any necessary changes to the plan so that she felt she could follow through. The key to her success was having an individualized plan that could be adjusted if need be and ongoing, consistent support, along the way.

Together we built a relationship that helped her regain her health. After going through the process, her energy levels increased. She was able to regain regular employment, felt well enough to exercise, and was able to start socializing again. Today, she is married and has two children. She still has to work on managing her energy levels daily, but she can now function.

Let’s Work Together

If any of this resonates with you and sounds similar to what you are going through, I’m here to help you. Thankfully, my client is now living her best life and I want this for you, too! If you are dealing with chronic low energy and feel like you’ve tried everything, but just haven’t been able to get yourself back on track, please contact me for a free 45-minute consult to talk to you about this.  I’d love to work with you to create an individualized plan and provide ongoing support so you can reach your goals.

To hear my patient’s full story, check out my video:


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