Do you have some hormonal imbalances? Are your hormones not at the correct levels that they should be for where you’re at in the stage of your life? Is it possible that other hidden factors might be contributing to your fatigue?

Today, I’m sharing information on chronic low energy during perimenopause. In my practice, I’ve seen patients especially in the perimenopause age group who have chronic fatigue. Three main causes for this that I’ve seen are chronic stress, chronic low-grade inflammation, and chronic malabsorption of minerals and nutrients.

Chronic Low Energy & Perimenopause – Main Causes

Chronic Stress – It’s tough to get around stress in our life. We all have a certain degree of it. The stress is ongoing and you feel overwhelmed or overburdened all the time. Perhaps it’s even becoming unmanageable. When this happens it can affect several systems in your body. As you go through perimenopause your sex hormones gradually start to decline naturally. If you are under chronic stress, these hormones get depleted more quickly than is optimal. As you continue to transition to and through menopause if you do not address this hormonal issue your chronic fatigue can get worse.

Chronic Inflammation – This can happen just from being under chronic stress alone, but quite commonly it does come with a combination of other factors. Potentially not eating the right foods can cause a buildup of inflammation in our bodies over time. Additionally, lack of sleep, especially deep sleep, can cause inflammation. Many times people do not realize how much sleep actually affects their body systems. Poor diet and lack of sleep can contribute to chronic low energy, especially around the time of perimenopause.

Chronic Malabsorption of Nutrients & Minerals – Often this has to do with some dysfunction in the gut, which can be related to chronic stress and inflammation. Quite commonly, when vitamins and minerals are not absorbed properly in your body your body can not get into its natural daily energy cycle within the cells. The net result is an overall feeling of fatigue.

Do You Have Chronic Low Energy?

I often hear women say things like:

  • “I feel tired when I get out of bed, even if I feel like I’ve had a full night’s rest.”
  • “My lack of energy is causing me to be short-tempered.
  • “I feel like I can barely drag myself out of bed.”
  • “I might have a little energy for an hour or two out of the day, but then I feel tired again.
  • “Because I feel like I have no energy it affects my ability to relate to others around me, especially my loved ones.”
  • “I feel like I have no motivation and am unable to focus or concentrate.”

If you are in or near perimenopause and are suffering from chronic fatigue, it’s really important to figure out where these symptoms are coming from. Typically, at this stage of life fatigue doesn’t just get better on its own. The hormones continue to shift and fluctuate as you transition to and through menopause and your symptoms can get worse. Sometimes this can cause you to develop a chronic disease such as heart disease or even certain female cancers.

I’d Like to Help You

If you would like to learn more about this or if you’re interested in developing an individualized plan to optimize and restore your energy, please contact me. I’m happy to have a free 45-minute complimentary consult with you to talk about your concerns.  I’d love to work with you and provide ongoing support so you can reach your goals.

To learn more check out my full video on Chronic Low Energy & Perimenopause:


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