Did you know that gut imbalances can be a very strong contributor to anxiety, especially for women in the perimenopausal years? Recently, I worked with a client who had been suffering from fairly severe anxiety. She was to the point where she was starting to have panic attacks.

My Patient’s Story

One day she was in the grocery store and had a severe panic attack. It was quite embarrassing for her. As a result, she stopped doing the things she loved to do. She stopped socializing with her friends and family. It had come to the point where she didn’t even want to leave her house.

For the last 20 years, my client had a very stressful job. Her job was demanding and sometimes she was skipping meals to meet deadlines. She was taking prescription medication for anxiety and was drinking a lot more caffeine than she typically would have.

My client knew something had to change, so she contacted me. We did a very thorough history and detailed timeline of her life. We discovered that although there were some hormonal imbalances, the biggest cause of her anxiety was caused by gut dysfunction. After further lab testing, we came up with a detailed plan to help her rebalance the gut so that she actually could start to feel better.

It took some time, but over a few months, she noticed that she was feeling less anxious. She was able to decrease the dosage of her anxiety medication and eventually she discontinued it completely. My client also reevaluated her job situation and began applying for different jobs.

Thankfully, she was feeling much better and was once again able to do the things she loved to do. She was able to go out and enjoy time with friends and family. I was so pleased when she told me that she felt as though she got her life back.

Frequently, women think that their hormones are causing their anxiety, but in some cases, it’s a combination of things. For this reason, it’s important to dig deeper and get to the root cause. You will never completely fix the problem if you don’t fully understand what is causing it.

I’d Like To Help You

If what my client experienced sounds like something you are going through, please contact me.  I offer a free 45-minute consult and would be happy to talk to you about your concerns.

To learn more check out my full video on Gut Imbalances & Anxiety in Perimenopause:


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