Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like celiac disease, psoriatic arthritis, or another condition?


Maybe you’ve started treatment for your condition, but feel you are not seeing the results you expected. Perhaps you are trying to navigate your way through your symptoms, but might actually be making it worse trying options you’ve found through Google searches.


If you are looking for someone to guide you along your treatment journey, the below video is for you!  


I sat down with my patient, Ann, who had been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. She was desperate to regain her life.  Ann knew that by making changes to her lifestyle she could improve her condition in a more natural way.  She just didn’t know how to do this.


In my interview with Ann, she explains what led her to my program and how we worked together. Through specific functional medicine testing, we determined some of the supplements she was taking were making her condition worse. Additionally, we discovered that her high level of stress was also a contributing factor to her illness. This was something she didn’t even realize. Having completed the program, Ann’s energy and symptoms have greatly improved. She even did a triathlon, which she hadn’t been able to do in a long time.

I’d Like To Help

Ann’s story is proof that you don’t have to continue living with the symptoms that are keeping you from enjoying your life. If you are struggling with a health condition and would like more information on my functional medicine program, book a 45-minute, complimentary, initial phone consult with me – http://bit.ly/38SzOiW.


Let’s work together so that you can achieve optimal health and wellness!


Watch my full interview with Ann here:


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