Do you find yourself just not feeling your best? Perhaps in addition to having perimenopause or menopause symptoms you are experiencing fatigue, headaches, and some nausea. If this sounds like you, I want to share an interview I recently had with my patient, Allison.  

I began working with Allison three months ago when she realized that she wasn’t feeling optimally well and wanted to improve upon that. Even though she was able to push through a day of work, she had to rest and recover during her time spent with family. She didn’t wake up facing the day with energy and she felt like she wasn’t able to be as present and loving with my family. It was starting to take a toll on her relationship with her husband and kids.   

Through functional medicine lab testing, I was able to get a picture of how the systems within Allison’s body were functioning and determine which diet combination was right for her. I also guided her through the elimination diet which helped her identify how certain foods affected her body.

In this video interview, we discuss how Allison benefited from:

  • A structured program with regular check-ins
  • Learning which foods work best for her body
  • Video Q&As with other participants
  • Guidance and support when questions came up

Watch my full interview with Allison here:

With her determination and commitment to achieving better health, Allison feels like the “sky is the limit” for her wellness. She knows she can achieve any goal she sets her mind to. And, most importantly, she’s feeling better than she has in years and can enjoy her life and her family.  

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