I’ve seen many women in my practice who experience low energy, feeling dizzy or light-headed, and overall just not feeling well. These patients are often diagnosed with low iron levels on a blood test, and it is most often assumed that the symptoms are a direct result of this. Iron supplementation is the most commonly recommended treatment, but this can be quite inflammatory to the gut, and it doesn’t always get absorbed properly. In some cases, taking the supplement might not make you feel better.  Sometimes it can make you feel worse over time as it builds up in your system.   

For this reason, it’s important to dig deep and determine the root cause of the low iron levels. The solution doesn’t necessarily come from matching a blood lab to a supplement or a medication. Frequently, low levels have to do with poor absorption in our bodies resulting from a dysfunction in the gut and/or immune system. This can also affect the absorption of not only iron, but other essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. I find that many times women suffering from hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, or other low iron related symptoms such as poor exercise tolerance, and muscle aches and pains, have imbalances in the gut and the immune system. These imbalances likely started a long time ago and have gotten worse over time.  

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I’d Like To Help

Are you dealing with low iron levels and related symptoms?  Do you struggle with fatigue, light-headedness, brain fog, headaches, nausea, muscle aches, and pains, or feeling just generally unwell? You might find that the symptoms get worse around the time of your cycle during fluctuations in hormone levels. When you work with a practitioner that understands all these connections, they will look for the root cause. It’s important to look at the big picture to see what needs rebalancing.  

If you feel like you have been struggling with symptoms related to low iron levels for a long time, and you’re looking for an answer, please contact me for a complimentary initial consultation – http://bit.ly/38SzOiW. I’m happy to speak with you about how to address your low iron levels, with a “full-body” approach, which in addition, will also help to restore and optimize your overall health and wellness.

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