About Angela Simpson, Function Medicine Practitioner

I have been working in the Health Care field for many years, as a Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner in my own clinic, with practitioners working alongside me.

I love being out in nature as much as possible, as well as spending time with my family ( husband, two children and dog). I value total-body health for myself and my family and do my best to achieve it. I also want this for my clients.

One of my main passions in life is discovering the root cause of health concerns and illness, and how best to repair it, to restore optimal wellness.

For many years, hands-on manual therapy, combined with exercise and education, has been how I have assisted this process. However, I have begun to notice that this method is sometimes not enough – more is needed to get a persons health back on track.

I have found that sometimes, people who sustain an injury and/or get diagnosed with a condition or disease… do not always get better through physiotherapy techniques alone and, if they do, relief can often only be short term.

Commonly, there is a recurrence of the same symptoms, or some new issue arises. I decided to challenge myself to think deeper and figure out why some of the clients that I work with do not get better over the long term, no matter what I do to help them, and what they have tried on their own at home.

As a result, I have committed myself and my Physiotherapy practice to…

A Whole-Body Approach to Healing

Through my training in Functional Medicine, which studies how every system within the body interacts with each other to achieve either optimal or ill health, I have become much more aware of “why” some people do not get better despite treatment.

There is often a complex interplay of genetics, diet, and lifestyle (stress, sleep habits, etc.), that are not allowing full recovery. By taking a more detailed history, taking the time for one-on-one discussions, as well as very specific lab testing… an individualized treatment plan can be devised, based on which systems in the body need the most attention – for not just the short-term relief of symptoms but – for long-term health.

I am always excited to work with clients from a variety of different backgrounds and health issues; however, I have started to focus more on women’s health issues, as well as family health. I feel this is an area that needs increased attention to prevent disease and ill health, both now and for future generations.

I have worked with children as young as two years old that are already suffering from ill health, such as: digestive issues, skin issues, anxiety and behavioral issues; as well as adults with hormone imbalances, chronic pain, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, chronic inflammation, and many other health concerns.

I look forward to assisting you with discovering your path to optimal health and wellness,
not just at this point in time, but for long-term health for life!

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