Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy

Do you always feel tired? Are you wondering why? Are you longing to have the energy back that you once had?

Fatigue is a common symptom for several health conditions, and it is sometimes hard to narrow down where the fatigue is coming from. Some of the obvious areas are lifestyle related, such as:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Not exercising enough (or too much)
  • Poor diet choices – such as processed carbohydrates and sugars, as well as caffeine that cause short term bursts of energy, followed by an energy drop off.

Some reasons for fatigue (especially chronic fatigue) that are not as obvious, but which can be discovered through a functional medicine approach, include factors such as:


Genetics, that affect:

  • the natural activation of the energy cycle within your body.
  • production of digestive enzymes in high enough amounts that convert the food you eat into a useable form of energy.
  • insulin levels: if not well regulated, can cause more extreme highs and lows in energy throughout the day, and sometimes it is more than just your diet, that needs to be adjusted, If you happen to have this type of genetic predisposition.


Underlying gut infections – infections (bugs), such as candida/yeast overgrowth, or parasites, as well as microflora that are out of balance within your gut (i.e., too much unfavourable bacteria, versus the optimal stuff!). Often, you will not even be aware that any of this could be happening inside your gut, as the symptoms may be very subtle (or even non-existent) in your gut itself, but which may be affecting how the natural energy pathways are being utilized within your body.


Chronic stress, which may be related to relationships, personality, injuries, as well as previous physical or emotional trauma. Stress can affect the biochemistry in the brain as well as the gut, which is a large determinant of your body’s energy producing cycle.

If you have suffered from low energy and/or chronic fatigue for a long time (maybe even decades), and have still not discovered how to help yourself, it is essential to learn about what the true root cause of your energy depletion is.

This requires looking at all systems in your body, to discover where the deficiencies are, what the triggers are, and how to get your energy cycle working properly inside your body, to fix the root cause for life!

I am happy to discuss this with you further, as well as any other health issues that are affecting your ability to have a good quality of life, with a FREE 45-minute chronic fatigue consultation. to decide if what I am offering is a good fit for improving your health, not just now, but over the long term!