Thyroid Dysfunction – Finding the Cause of Hormone Imbalances

I have seen far too many women in my practice who are dealing with a thyroid issue; many of whom have had no idea what the root cause of their thyroid problem was/is, and how to best tackle it, and heal.

Why is this? One of the reasons may be that the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction often do not show up directly in the thyroid gland itself, but in various different systems in the body.

Common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction include:

  • Fatigue and/or sluggishness, with low energy levels throughout the day
  • Brain-fog, difficulty concentrating, and with memory
  • Weight gain or weight loss that is not easily explained
  • Thinning hair
  • Brittle nails
  • Mood swings… among other symptoms

It is extremely important to ensure your thyroid gland is functioning well, as it is vital to maintaining several functions in your body, including:

  1. Regulating body temperature
  2. Heart and digestive function
  3. Muscle control
  4. Brain development
  5. Mood swings
  6. Muscle tone
  7. Maintenance of bone health (just to name a few)

What is the ROOT CAUSE of thyroid dysfunction?

Based on my experience, it is critical to discover the cause of your thyroid dysfunction because, too often, only symptoms are treated, based on bloodwork that may show some of your hormone levels being out of balance.

There are a number of common medications used to help regulate/balance thyroid function, and although some of these medications may be necessary at times, there are some potential negative consequences and side effects from these drugs, especially if used long term. The real key to lasting thyroid health is to figure out why your thyroid is not functioning properly in the first place.

Doing this, requires a look at many potential triggers to the health condition, often from several years ago… Your thyroid gland will function at its best when all the other systems in your body are balanced and working properly, especially your gut. Perhaps surprisingly, your gut is often one of the key areas to look at, to assist the function of your thyroid gland.

The reason for this is because this is where the exchange of nutrients takes place, which allows your thyroid gland to do its work efficiently. There are certain “co-factors” to explore as well, which are minerals required for your thyroid gland to do its job. If the co-factors/minerals are not being absorbed and utilized properly in your gut, it may be due to:

  • Poor lifestyle choices (food and drinks primarily, that are highly inflammatory, or causing immune system reactions).
  • Environmental toxins (such as household cleaning products and personal care products).
  • Genetics that are interfering with proper absorption and utilization of key nutrients for your thyroid gland (your thyroid gland will not be able to produce and convert enough thyroid hormone(s) to do its job well).

How do you discover where things have gone wrong – the cause of your thyroid dysfunction?

I have discovered from years of searching for answers for both myself personally, and for clients, that the answers are different and unique for each individual. There really is no standard treatment for thyroid issues, because the root cause is different for each person.

Although there is almost always some element of gut dysfunction when it comes to thyroid dysfunction, there is usually a complex interplay of lifestyle factors (including emotional factors and stress) that are strongly associated with a thyroid condition.

Discovering how to improve thyroid health requires a systematic approach; of looking at all body systems and lifestyle factors that may be affecting how well or poorly your thyroid is functioning. It also requires looking at a timeline of events that may have triggered your thyroid symptoms, to determine how to help your body heal, and to prevent reoccurrence of the events that are triggering your thyroid condition.

Stop treating symptoms and look for the root cause of your thyroid issues. Discover the unique, personalized plan that will help you not only heal your thyroid gland but will improve your overall health and wellness for long-term health.

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