Weight Issues – Reasons for Weight Gain and Weight Maintenance Problems

One of the most obvious areas of health to notice is weight issues. Weight changes, whether gaining weight, losing weight, or problems maintaining your ideal weight, are a sign that one or more systems in your body are not functioning optimally.

Often, people will think it is simply because they are eating too much, as well as eating the wrong types of foods. Some people assume that aging is causing a slowing of the metabolic process in the body, causing them to gain unwanted pounds. Lack of exercise is also considered a common reason as to why weight gain is occurring. Although some of these mechanisms may be related to the cause, they are often not the entire picture.

Some of the hidden causes of weight gain can be:

  • Imbalanced or too much inflammation throughout the body, slowing down the elimination of toxins in your body.
  • Genetics that can make people more prone to weight gain, especially when eating certain types of foods.
  • Stress that alters the digestion and hormone pathways (this can cause over or undereating).
  • Genetics for poor detoxification, slowing down the elimination of toxins, creating a burden on your gastrointestinal system, and slowing down elimination pathways.
  • Poor gut health or imbalances in the healthy flora in your gut, not allowing proper breakdown of the non-optimal items entering the body, which then need to be excreted.
  • Underlying gut infections, that are impairing or changing the process of digestion.
  • Medications and over the counter drugs (anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, mood modulating medications, hormonal therapies, etc.), that impair the detoxification process in your body, slowing elimination transit time.
  • Poor liver health which can impair your digestive process, detoxification process, and several other processes that affect the metabolic rate in your body.

To understand how to manage your weight issues, discovering the underlying root cause of your weight gain is essential. Working on the systems that are impaired in your body, not allowing the metabolic processes to stay balanced long term, is the key to the solution.

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