Ann’s story is proof that you don’t have to continue living with the symptoms that are keeping you from enjoying your life.  Check out my interview with her to hear her story and how she is doing now:

Patient Interview – T.P.:

Angela:  What was the outcome that you achieved from the program? What was the main way that your health status improved?

T.P.:  All of my symptoms improved. Some improved quicker than others but there was improvement across the board. The primary outcome is that I stopped feeling trapped by physical, emotional or mental limitations that appeared beyond my control.

Angela:  What was your main health concern/problem, and how was it affecting your life? Was it affecting your relationships, ability to work/ socialize, exercise how you like to normally? 

T.P.:  My primary health concern was extreme fatigue and low immunity. It impacted my ability to be myself on a daily basis. I cut back everyone’s schedules including my own but I still had no energy to exercise or do anything fun.I was ready for bed by 8 pm out of necessity and not sleeping well.

Angela:  Why did you decide to join a program, such as this?  What was your motivation? (For example – energy levels, not able to function well with everyday life tasks, body changes, due to not being able to exercise as you once did, your health affecting your relationship with your partner, or other close relationships, etc…)

T.P.:  My motivation was a complete “fix me” plan and whatever it would take to get me back to my exercise loving, positive, go-getting, loving self. I had some continual poor test results and many daily struggles. I had so many symptoms that did not seem to connect, and I couldn’t figure out “who” could help me with the pieces and parts. 

Angela:  What did you achieve, by joining this program, and how did it help you improve your health, in a short period of time?

T.P.:  I achieved control over my symptoms by learning how food impacts me personally. I learned how to move to more natural solutions that are as impactful as “medicine”. I found the value in sleep and how to track it and improve it. Finally, I learned how my own lifestyle changes could positively impact my family. I love the ripple effects that have occurred! 

Angela:  What have you tried before, that didn’t work, and how was this program/working with me, different?

T.P.:  I joined the program after much research. I looked at local providers, listened to webinars/podcasts, and worked with my PCP and women’s health doctors first. After attempting the local and traditional route, I understood that deeper knowledge of function medicine was needed and the value and convenience of this program could not be beaten. 

My PCP offered fairly robust testing at my request but there were no specific actions provided to correct those results. The women’s health provider cast a narrow perspective and discounted the PCP results as “not a women’s health issue”. Many local functional providers had lengthy wait times and the stress of additional scheduling seemed worse than not going at all. The cost of meeting someone to determine if there was a fit was high before even beginning a program.

Angela:  Were you skeptical about joining a program of this format? 

T.P.:  Yes, I am the saver in our house and spending money on me is not something we often do. I had to look at it from the perspective that I will continue to get worse and the cost of what lay ahead for me and the impact on our family will be substantially higher, even in the short run, if I don’t improve. The free introductory call was immensely helpful. I had done my prep and knew I had a large challenge ahead. The feedback and level setting of what the program would be was important to me. I think it is better to know what lay ahead and how you will be supported before you begin. The level of support in this program is exceptional. It met and exceeded my expectations.

Angela:  Where are you today, compared to prior to working with me? Have you been able to gain a new lease on life/get your life back, and did you achieve what you set out to do?  

T.P.:  I’m me again!! I still have challenges and opportunities for improvement, but that is part of life. I am back to the person my family knows and I don’t feel I’m missing out on life anymore. I am able to independently address small challenges with the tools I have learned in this program.  Knowledge on how to self-help and stay well is truly powerful. A bonus feature is the impact I am able to have on the rest of my family to address some of their smaller challenges.

My patient, Paula, struggled with bloating, brain fog, food cravings, poor digestion, along with aches and pains.  Check out my interview with her to learn how my program helped her regain her health:

Our journey with Angela started after my youngest son developed eczema. We sought help from many health professionals whose recommendations were not improving his skin. A friend referred me to Angela and we have been working with her ever since. Angela has worked diligently running tests, adding supplements and food restrictions for my son in hopes to heal his body from the inside out. After 4 months we have seen significant change in his skin and he is almost symptom free! Angela does simply not assume or guess what is happening health wise, she finds out using concrete evidence from tests and knowledge, then implements a plan according to the results. Angela genuinely cares about the health of my son and my entire family. Thank you!!!


Angela has looked at my entire body through a series of testing ranging from genetic, food panel, stool & parasite, and my personal testimony. These results have allowed us to find the root cause of my disease which we are now treating. My path consists of natural supplements, exercise, diet & reducing environmental toxins. Through her support and guidance, I’m resetting my body in order to heal.


No more mystery injuries! Through some functional medical testing we were able to pinpoint key problems & address them with permanent results. As long as I stay on track I don’t have any more mystery injuries. I’m truly grateful for Angela.

Paula P.

Angela Simpson is a credit to her profession. I have found her to be attentive, caring, and very helpful with both my physio and genetics/ functional medicine side of my health. She is very though and knowledgeable when looking into the root cause of health concerns, and was very proficient in coming up with a specific plan that worked for me. Encouraging and working together she has helped my personal health goals and my families. I can highly recommend her to anyone in need of physio or personal health management.

T Speer

Angela’s knowledge has allowed me to regain control of my health after having 2 kids. Through the specialized testing she recommended and the diet and supplement protocol, I am back to feeling like myself again. I feel happier and have my energy back. I did not think it was possible to feel good again. Functional medicine and the genetic testing allowed me to discover the root cause of my issues. I will continue to use this knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle for the future. I would definitely recommend using Angela as your functional medicine practitioner.


I am so impressed by the way Angela has been able to delve deeply into some of my health concerns, more so than any physician or naturopath I have consulted. She has the determination and patience necessary to search for the specific nature of my health issues and the ability to provide answers to my health concerns. Angela has a warm caring nature and a strong tenacity to find a solution. Thank you Angela!

Marnie Tocheniuk

I am very grateful to have found a practitioner that has been able to get me the answers I needed and then put together a personalized plan to treat the root cause of my symptoms. It feels great to have some control and stop the effects of autoimmune and genetic expressions, not only for myself but my daughter too.

Amanda Steel